Corporate Credit Line

Get 90 Days
Payment Terms

  • No annual fee and no interest
  • Minimum of 90 days to Pay invoice
  • Authorize multiple buyers
  • A monthly itemized statement with Product and purchase order level detail

Product Description

The Corporate Pay-in-Full Credit Line is ideal for a large business like schools, financial institutions, small-to-medium size businesses, Security Services, and government institutions that want expanded account management options including the ability to: authorize multiple buyers on a single account, download order history reports, and pay by invoice.

Pay-in-Full Credit Line Features


Overall – Minimum of 90 days to pay invoices
– No annual fee and no interest
– Consolidated, easy to read, monthly statement including invoice, purchase order, and  level detail
– Account management flexibility: Set-up accounts for different departments, locations, and other companies belonging to the same parent and receive separate invoice level detailed statements
Purchasing Features – Purchasing control: Can only be used at
– Authorize multiple buyers on a single account through Vzone Business Ghana.



Statements & Billing – Individual or consolidated statements for all accounts linked to your company
– Ability to have statements sent to multiple locations
– Itemized transactions and product-level details for each invoice on statements
– Track purchases by purchase order
Customer Service – Access to a dedicated account manager to service your account
– Online account management
– Electronic Invoicing available to feed directly into your Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system
Small-to-medium-size businesses that want convenient credit on and the flexibility to make minimum monthly payments may prefer the Corporate Revolving Credit Line.



Payment Plan and Terms

Interested Staff are expected to apply by completing a one page form, together with copy of staff ID including VAD pro-forma invoice to the value of the products expected to be purchased. The completed form will be reviewed and validated by VAD Systems credit department and confirmed within 2 hours.

Successful applicants would be required to submit 3 Cheques or Sign off a standing order form for direct transfers. A 30-40% down payment will be required to facilitate the release of products to be delivered at the stated address on the completed form.

The payment plan is a 90 day credit period exclusive to staff who are credit worthy and disciplined. The beneficiary must ensure his/her account is credit worthy with consistent cash inflow.

VAD top differentiators

  • Enterprise grade solution- offering a mature and secure “pen-tested” solution that ensures the privacy of our customers.
  • VAD is committed to great service- We are committed to working closely with our customers to ensure that they get the most from our partnership.
  • Delivery – VAD ensures timely delivery of service and products. Our reputation as the fastest vendor to provide and deploy innovative solutions with proven track record.
  • Innovation in our DNA – VAD has championed a lot of firsts in the industry.

VAD Systems is known within the industry as one of the best hire purchase service providers and has consistently delivered on its promise for the past decade, serving over 50 thousand customers nationwide.



Important Information from Vzone

The information provided is for summary purposes only and at the time of posting is believed to be accurate. When you click on the Apply Now button you can review the current credit card and rewards terms and conditions on the financial institution’s web site. Vzone is not a financial service provider and does not have any information in respect of your financial situation, your credit history or your suitability for any credit card. Please review the terms and conditions of each credit card and rewards offer carefully to determine what product may be best suited for you and your financial circumstances.
Vzone will not assist you in obtaining a credit card and does not guarantee or represent that you will receive credit.

NB: Only for Ghanaian Corporate Workers